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All Our Products Are Organic, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Non-GMO & Fair Trade

​​"Treats for Your Health and Well Being"

Our mission to create the most delicious, organic, gluten free and plant based pre-made doughs and cookies began when avid baker Mary Galvin, having suffered many illnesses since 1999, decided it was necessary to heal herself through diet and nutrition.

Determined not to give up the baked goods she loved and shared with her family and friends, Mary set herself a goal to develop healthy, nutritious and delicious doughs and cookies made only with the finest natural ingredients, while maintaining the taste and consistency of her original recipes.

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The doughs were made for those who would want to do their own baking, while the cookies were produced for those would want the great tasting offerings right away.

Family and friends were surprised that little difference was noticed in taste and consistency in changing her recipes to gluten free and plant based. She was then encouraged to share her doughs and cookies with others who preferred the gluten free, plant based option.

Our doughs and cookies are made with the highest quality certified organic, non-GMO, and fair trade products available including coconut oil and flaxseed meal, allowing you to provide homemade goodness, whether you bake it yourself or just serve our finished products. We provide:

“Treats for your Health and Well Being”